AMES SUSTAINABILITY POLICY STATEMENT Atlantique marine and Engineering Services limited defines sustainability as managing the environmental, social and economic impacts of, and risks facing, our business in a responsible way. Sustainability is a fundamental part of our activities and we are determined to secure the advantages that we believe it offers to our customers and communities, employees and shareholders. We aim to make a significant, long term contribution to the environmental, social and economic fabric of the communities in which we work. Our Sustainability plan includes the following dimensions: Social: Work with local communities to ensure we understand their needs and aspirations. Continue to develop and apply our framework for assessing social sustainability, considering amenities and infrastructure; voice and influence; and social and cultural life. Develop safe, inclusive and thriving communities. Economic: Provide jobs and support those provided throughout the construction process and supply chains. Support local business through our supply chains, where feasible. Develop successful partnerships with stakeholders in our work towards sustainability. Engage with government and policy makers to share our experiences and shape future policy direction. Environmental: Adopt good practice in design to ensure that environmental impacts are minimized. Use recognised environmental design standards and exceed Building Regulations requirements, where feasible. Protect and enhance biodiversity and ecological value. Provide safe and healthy working environments for our employees and Sub-contractors.